King’s College of London students present their work at Research Seminar CIB-iHEALTH

On November 15, students from King’s College London presented their work to the iHEALTH community at research seminars.

On this occasion, Nathalie Baracaldo,PhD, presented her work tituled: “Can federated learning solve our data privacy problems?
State of the art and open challenges”; Carlos Velasco, PhD, presented his work tituled: “Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting: towards comprehensive tissue characterisation” and  Anastasia Fotaki, PhD(c): “Multi-contrast 3D whole heart and aortic imaging. From sequence development to clinical validation.”

The activity was held in Engineering School of Universidad Católica de Chile and had the participation of our Director, Claudia Prieto and René Botnar, Principal Investigator of iHEALTH.