Millennium scientific initiative visits IHEALTH

Last Wednesday, June 22, authorities and representatives of the Millennium Program, dependent on the National Research and Development Agency, paid a visit to the facilities of the Catholic University, one of the host universities of the Millennium Institute in Engineering and Artificial Intelligence for the Cheers, iHEALTH.

The purpose of the visit was to learn about the progress of the Institute, in these first five months of operation, and the team that makes up the iHEALTH community, which was represented by its Director, Claudia Prieto, and Alternate Director, Marcelo Andia, together with researchers and students from undergraduate and graduate students and the iHEALTH administrative team.

Authorities from the Research Directorate of the Catholic University, Ms. Denise Gómez, Deputy Director of National Research, and Fernanda Pizarro, Research Coordinator, and from the UC School of Engineering, Mr. José Cembrano, Research Director, also attended.

Thus, the meeting began with the presentation of Nicole Ehrenfeld, Executive Director of the Millennium Science Initiative, who spoke about the objectives of the visit and stressed the importance of maintaining communication – between iHEALTH and Millennium – to advance together in achieving the objectives. from high school.

Then it was the turn of Claudia Prieto, who, in addition to introducing the objectives and the iHEALTH team, explained some of the Institute’s results related to scientific production, training activities, connection with the environment and scientific dissemination. Marcelo Andía, for his part, emphasized the importance of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) that is part of the iHEALTH culture and that seeks to satisfy social needs in an ethical and responsible manner.

The second block of the activity consisted of sharing the opinion of the attendees regarding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats they envision for the future of the Institute. In this sense, Jocelyn Dunstan and Denis Parra, principal investigators at iHEALTH, and academics from the Universidad de Chile and Universidad Católica de Chile, respectively, commented that they appreciate the efforts made by the Institute to support them in their research and also value positive leadership exercised by directors.

At the end of the participatory activity, Nicole Ehrenfeld took advantage of the opportunity to congratulate the work done at iHEALTH. “It’s only been in operation for a few months, however, the results are excellent. It shows an interdisciplinary, mature and consolidated team that has managed, in a very short time, to implement everything necessary to achieve its objectives.”

The visit concluded with a tour of the different workplaces that iHEALTH has on the San Joaquín campus of the Catholic University. Beginning with the Hub-iHEALTH UC and the Quantitative Physiology Laboratory, both located in the Science and Technology Building, and ending with the Medical Imaging Center. It should be noted that the rest of the Institute’s facilities are located at the UC Central House, at the University of Valparaíso and the University of Chile.