Successful first research seminar organized by the iHEALTH Early Career Researchers Committee.

With a large number of attendees, the First Research Seminar organized by the Early Career Researchers Committee of the iHEALTH Millennium Institute was held at the Universidad de Valparaíso.

The activity, which aimed to bring together the members of the iHEALTH community to promote and strengthen instances of collaboration, included three outstanding plenary presentations. The first was in a hybrid format and was led by Dr. Wenjia Bai, an academic from Imperial College London, and was entitled “Modelling the shape for 100,000 hearts”.

Then it was the turn of Professor Emeritus Jacques Demongeot from the Université Grenoble Alpes who spoke on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and 5P Medicine. The talk focused on presenting an original AI platform, called Maxwell, which follows a learning process that includes the 5P medicine approach: Personalized, Preventive, Participatory, Predictive and Pluri-expert.

iHEALTH students and researchers also had the opportunity to present their scientific advances through oral presentations. This was the case of the associate researchers: Julio Sotelo and Francisco Sahli, the collaborating researcher Leonel Medina and the PhD student Aline Xavier.

Astrid Cancino, member of the iHEALTH Early Career Researchers Committee commented that the activity achieved all the objectives they had set: “we managed to link the physical space of another host university, a motivating element to get out of the usual rhythm and promote the relationship with new people, expand the collaboration network live and direct and publicize the research work.”

The Senior iHEALTH researcher, Pablo Irarrázaval, was in charge of the third plenary presentation where he shared with the attendees his experience as an entrepreneur from the academy and after taking a tour of the multiple projects in which he has participated and/or led, he delivered the advice to recognize the importance of failure.

“Behind this list of published articles, there are a large number of emails where our publication is rejected, behind this other list of patents, there are many denied applications. In the academy and in entrepreneurship we have to get used to the fact that everything does not work out on the first try and it is very important to try again, to persist,” added the Professor and Director of Tekemi.

Finally, Juan Pablo Meneses, member of the iHEALTH Early Career Researchers Committee explained that the committee will continue working on two tasks: “we will organize Journal Clubs, for group review of the state of the art in the different iHEALTH lines of research and we will plan recreational activities, both related to research as extra-programmatic, to generate more interaction among students.”