iHEALTH offers talks for high school students

One of the most important missions for all those who make up the iHEALTH Millennium Institute is the link with the community, as we firmly believe that scientific advances are  for  the people.

For this reason, iHEALTH designed an engagement plan that begins with a series of talks specifically for high school students. The topics are very varied but respond to the lines of research carried out by our scientific community, such as: “Medicine: from art to science” offered by our Alternate Director, Dr. Marcelo Andia, where you can learn how medicine has accompanied the human being from the beginning. In the past, medicine was seen as an art, however in recent years the technological revolution and artificial intelligence have modified the scope and potential of medicine, today we see how medicine is much more science than art, what will it be like? medicine in 20 more years?

Also, our researcher Dr. Steren Chabert, an academic from the University of Valparaíso, who offers her talk entitled: “How to observe the brain in action” – functional magnetic resonance imaging that aims to understand how, from a powerful magnet or resonator, brain function can be observed. The principles of obtaining the images will be explained, some examples from the literature will be presented, and examples of how this technique has been developed in Valparaíso.”

It is worth mentioning that the talks can be offered remotely, but also in person in some districts of Santiago, Valparaíso, Coquimbo and/or Valdivia.

You can access the complete list of the talks and the communes where they are offered at the following link.

If you, as a representative of an establishment, are interested in any of them, please contact our Director of Communications, Bárbara Morales at bmorales.ihealth@gmail.com