Bringing together medical imaging physics, engineering, artificial intelligence, and medicine to improve healthcare 

Healthcare and medical imaging in particular, is under big pressure due to rising costs, shortage of highly trained staff, inefficient early diagnosis, and limited access.

Our mission is to develop innovative methods that integrate medical imaging physics, engineering, and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve medical imaging-based healthcare by making it more accurate, efficient, and effective, and in the long term, more affordable and accessible to all Chileans. 

iHEALTH brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts to tackle healthcare engineering challenges (starting with medical imaging) in an interdisciplinary and synergistic manner in close collaboration with hospitals, industry, and a wider national and international scientific network. Our investigators, from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Universidad de Chile, and Universidad de Valparaíso, as well as several other associated universities, are experts in medical imaging physics/engineering; AI for images, signals, and natural language; physiology and clinical/translational research, among others.  

Our research topics include, but are not limited to:

  • medical imaging technologies for early and non-invasive disease diagnosis;
  • inverse problems for medical image reconstruction and reduction of scan times;
  • physics-informed artificial intelligence methods for medical imaging acquisition, processing and diagnosis;
  • reliable and explainable artificial intelligence methods integrating medical images and other clinical patient data;
  • biomarkers based on imaging and physiological sensors for early diagnosis and characterization of cardiovascular, liver and cancer diseases.


Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is a framework that recognizes research and innovation as a collective responsibility, which requires engagement between funders, researchers, stakeholders, and the lay public, in order to meet social needs in an ethical and responsible way and best address the grand challenges facing our societies.

iHEALTH is especially committed to develop and foster RRI, and we expect our researchers and practices to follow the main principles of this framework, including ethics and research integrity, open access, public engagement, and gender equality. 



Claudia Prieto

Director, Principal Investigator iHEALTH

Marcelo Andia

Deputy Director, Principal Investigator iHEALTH  

María Eugenia Gonzalez

Executive Director 

Bárbara Morales Medina

Journalist, Director of Communications


René Botnar

Research Stream 1 Lead, Principal Investigator iHEALTH

Steren Chabert

Research Stream 2 Lead, Principal Investigator iHEALTH 

Pablo Estevez

Research Stream 3 Lead, Principal Investigator iHEALTH 

Cecilia Besa

Research Stream 4 Lead, Principal Investigator iHEALTH 


Domingo Mery

Academic Development Lead, Principal Investigator iHEALTH 

Sergio Uribe

Ethics and Research Integrity Lead, Principal Investigator iHEALTH 

María Rodríguez

Training Lead, Principal Investigator iHEALTH 

Denis Parra

Outreach and Communications Lead, Principal Investigator iHEALTH 

Pablo Irarrázaval

iHEALTH Biobank Lead, Senior Investigator iHEALTH 

Jocelyn Dunstan

Equality and diversity Strategy Lead, Adjunct Investigator iHEALTH 

Rodrigo Salas

Data and information management plan, Principal Investigator iHEALTH

Jocelyn Dunstan

Equality and diversity Strategy Lead, Adjunct Investigator iHEALTH